Simon Sees

When a new foster mom helps her foster child find his missing mother—they both become trapped in a deadly situation.


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I couldn’t put this one down! It is exceptionally well written, and the storyline is tense, entertaining, and “today.” Othello creates and sustains suspense with believable characters that everyone can identify with. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense.




When three men break into her mountain cabin, Ann escapes with her baby—into a night of endless terror.


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Excellent read! Well-written. Captivating. No slow parts. This book is full of action, thrills, twists, turns, and the unexpected. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes suspense and thrillers. You have GOT TO read this one!





The Sacrifice

When Grace is released from a mental hospital, neighbors mysteriously begin to disappear, and she finds evidence that implicates her.


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Fast paced suspense! Excellent characters that make you afraid for them to the very end. It will keep your heart pounding.



Psychological Thriller

A clairvoyant minister “sees” the murders of three pregnant co-eds—and is blamed for them.


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This story takes you through unexpected twists and turns! Glad it is only a story! The surprise ending had me thinking long after I finished the book.



Satan’s Daughters

Gwen falls prey to three vile women who make a deal with the Devil, and they need her to keep their end of the bargain.


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Fantastic horror novel!  Love the ending… the way such a novel should end! What a page turner! I was sick with the flu but couldn’t put it down! Definitely recommend it to horror fanatics!