Othello’s spiritual books delve into scriptures rarely studied, and often overlooked entirely. She chooses and uses the words of Jesus to strengthen and empower, to bring peace and understanding, and she accomplishes exactly that. Raised in a cruel hellfire-and-brimstone orphanage where she was told “You came from dirt, and you’ll always be dirt,” she resisted the teaching and searched the scriptures for reassurance that she could grow gardens in that dirt to nourish and strengthen herself and others.







The Father Within

A presentation based on scriptures that embrace the concept of Oneness with the Divine.


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Rather than discuss the actual contents of the book, I simply implore you to read, reflect, and put into practice the truth presented in this book. I can’t think of a better investment of time. Cheers to Ms. Bach for this masterpiece!



101 Questions for God

This is a series of letters to God that question fundamental Christian teachings.


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The author asks questions most of us are afraid to ask—and yet, we want the answer! There’s nothing heretical or apostate in this book; it gave me pleasure to read and contemplate my own answers. Thanks for writing this book.



Grow Your Self

Think Gift Book!  A little book filled with thoughts that restore faith in yourself and others.


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I never realized how many events from my childhood were affecting my growth as an adult until I read this book. This book can change your life… for the better.





Angel Within

An expectant mother’s warm, poetic thoughts, enhanced with beautiful pictures.


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The perfect Baby Shower gift!




The Happiness Option

This is a 30 day, step-by-step guide that reveals the connection between thought and emotion and demonstrates how the use of this powerful connection to overcome past pain and create happiness and success.


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I have struggled with depression off and on and I definitely recommend this for an uplifting point of view! Very helpful! Love this one!