Whoever Heard of a Fird?

Illustrated by Shann Hurst

K- 3rd Grade – a Chapter Book


Fird, part fish, part bird, is looking for a herd of Fird to see if he’s ‘firding’ right.


Amazon Reviewer

I am so excited this book has been republished! It was pivotal in my childhood. I carried it around until the binding literally fell apart



The Man with Big Ears

Illustrated by Sandy Huffaker

A rhymed story – K – 3rd Grade


The man with big ears hears things never before heard.


Amazon Reviewer

The Man With Big Ears made me laugh out loud. Any child or adult will love it. It begs to be read aloud.




Frickart the Different

Illustrated by Othello Bach

K – 3rd Grade – a Chapter Book


Frickart, the only frog at the pond, wants a frog friend. Other frogs come, but they reject Frickart because he’s different.


Amazon Reviewer

An amazing book and delightful read.  I highly recommend it!



Jake Snake’s Race

Illustrated by Sandy Huffaker

A rhymed story, K-2rd Grade


Jake Snake eats a cake and the plate then enters a race and wins first place.


Amazon Reviewer

A clever story about a snake with a conscience.



Albert and the Monster

Illustrated by Othello Bach

K- 3rd Grade


Albert wants to scare a monster, but when he meets one, it’s nice and he can’t do it.


Amazon Reviewer

This story breaks all the stereotypes that kids are taught. It teaches all of us that love can overcome our fears. A simple, sweet message for kids of all ages.



Does My Room Come Alive at Night?

Illustrated by Sandy Huffaker

A Rhymed Story - K-3rd Grade


A young boy wonders what funny things may be going on in his room while he’s fast asleep.


Amazon Reader Review

Best illustrated book and very well written. My daughter loves reading it at bedtime. It is funny and extremely inviting.



Shermit the Hermit

Illustrated by Othello Bach

K-2nd Grade – A rhymed story


Shermit goes off to live alone but forgets his scissors and comb.


Amazon Reviewer

My son loved this story and laughed continuously while reading it. It’s about a grouch who has one bad hair day after another.



The Biggest Sneeze

Illustrator, Sandy Huffaker

A rhymed story K-2nd Grade


An old lady sneezes so hard she blows the hair off her cat.